We have been awarded our Covid 19 Safe Working Practises Business Certificate due to all members of staff completing the required course.



We are taking BOOKINGS 0208 693 2944 or 07788281961 or email for more details -, you will get a confirmation within 24 hours. All bookings to go through Jaye at this time as she needs to assess the age and standard of the rider. Small groups and private lessons available. Pony Days and Park rides suspended at the moment due to Covid 19 however, private lessons, semi private, and small groups are available.

These difficult times are far from over so please bear with us only taking minimum bookings as we still want to ensure everyone is safe before a complete reopening. The stables will still be closed to the public, unless pre-booked lessons and staff will still be minimised for every one’s safety.

We are now able to offer lessons by appointment only and booking through Jaye, via the above numbers or emailing for more information 

For manure collection main gates will be open and you can now drive in, bags are made up ready for collection (this collection is on a first come first serve basis so manure may not always be available, due to demand, but is free of charge), we do have a collection box should you wish to donate to cover cost of the bags

All new risk assessments have been conducted and a list of rules and new regulations which will be forwarded to you prior to the lesson.

  1. No riding school clients are to enter the stables, your horse will be tacked up and ready and waiting in the school.

  2. We will only take bookings from households that have been adhering to strict government guidelines and social distancing and showing no symptoms of Covid 19, we reserve the right to take temperatures should we wish to do so.

  3. Should your position change from the booking to the actual date we are not charging for cancellations providing you let us know in advance of that day.

  4. All riders to have their own PPE, to include riding hat, correct footwear and clean gloves. (Please enquire other options if you don't have).

  5. You will be asked to wash hands thoroughly or sanitise upon arrival and leaving the establishment. There are also disinfectant mats for you to pass through in and out.

  6. Toilet facilities are to be used at home unless desperate in which case should be cleaned thoroughly after use (By Staff).

  7. All bookings to be made via Jaye 07788281961 or 0208 693 2944. So, no contact, all re bookings also through Jaye.

  8. All payments by bank transfer before your ride, or paypal (paypal email is unless you are paid in advance then we can take off your credit. Bank Number 41593862 Sort Code 40 47 58 Account name J Montebello.

  9. If a booking is for a child under 18, one responsible adult from the same household is permitted to spectate, but no wandering around the premises or talking or grouping with any staff or horses. No touching surfaces or hanging around once the lesson has finished.

  10. Please do not arrive for a lesson more than ten minutes prior to the lesson, t Your contact will only be with the instructor, social distancing please, so verbal contact only, depart the premises immediately after.

  11. All tack will be disinfected after every ride.

  12. All details of new policies will be emailed to you prior to lesson, together with our disclaimer.


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