Please be advised that we accept cash or cheque only.


Once a lesson has been booked if it has to be cancelled for any reason, it will still have to be paid for before any other lessons can be booked with this establishment.


Dulwich Riding School has the right to cancel without prior notice and also has the right to refuse instruction to any rider that they deem unsuuitable.


Although every care is taken all persons entering or riding at this establishment do so at their own risk. Dulwich Riding School, its servants or agents will not be held responsible for any accident or injuries arising from this neither do we accept responsibility for loss or damage for your personal items at all.  


All riders will need to fill in a rider registration form on arrival and if under 16 years of age the registration will need to be signed by parent or guardian.


Dulwich Riding School will hold information given in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 but it may also be available to insurers and other concerned parties in the invent of an injury or accident.


Please understand that you must obey the instruction of the instructor and must comply with the safety regulations of the establishment


Also we would like you to acknowledge that riding is a risk sport and holds a potential danger, and that all horses may react unpredictable on occasions.   Your choice to ride is voluntary.   We take all responsible care to provide safe horses and ponies for our clients, but we do advise you to take out full personal accident cover


We endeavor to provide the horses/ponies or instructors that are requested but cannot guarantee any specifics.


All pupils must wear a hard hat adhering to the British Safety Standards (we can loan free of charge).  Long trousers are to be worn.  Shoes or boots with a smooth sole and definate heel are required (we can supply free of charge).  NO wellingtons or trainers.


Current weight limit due to horse/pony stock is at present twelve and a half stone.


Managements decision is final.



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